Right-On-Red Road Rage

After having a mild meltdown and a good cry, because of my inability to download a simple app yesterday, the day continued on in a damp rain and depressing fashion. Adding insult to injury – on my way to drop off an item that I did not order and was charged for, (a router from Verizon – thank you), I wanted to make a right-turn-on-red at a traffic light onto a busy highway. As I inched forward to look at oncoming traffic, the driver blocking my left-hand view also inched up. I thought maybe this was just a reflex, so I inched up again to clear my view and damn – he/she inched up again – WTF? We did this dance a third time until I was nearly in the highway’s fast lane. I don’t understand – this was not a drag race with both of us speeding forward when the light turned green, nor was there a merge ahead and the driver could misconstrue my motives. It was outright rudeness, unlike many a driver who actually stays back in the right lane to allow to allow a safe left-hand turn. Instead, I was turning right and needed visual clearance from the left – should be no problem except that it just wasn’t my day.

After that, I refused to make small talk with the Verizon representative, sped up to beat out another driver at a merge (sad to admit), and decided that if I had a dashboard laser – I would flatten anyone’s tires and write unflattering poetry on the hoods and windows of whomever got in my face. I know, I know – it’s called ROAD RAGE on top of computer password glitches and wasting time returning something I didn’t order (another computer error). I decided that the best remedy at the time would be to stop for a bowl of lentil soup and a slice of “Grandma’s pizza.” Also a chaser of dark chocolate,  a nap and blogging a good story.


driving in someone else’s moccasins takes a right turnIMG_3687

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