Intention vs Attention

I was going to blog this morning about the difference between setting an intention and paying attention in regard to my painting. I  was also preparing/writing for the start of the Chinese New Year – 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. I spent quite a bit of time writing  some very sharp, double-entendre, off-color-crass-albeit-funny short poems. All political and using the urban version of cock for rooster. I’m sure I do not have to elaborate. It was almost fun, and yet it wasn’t. I love when humor is used to make a point otherwise lost if it doesn’t make us smile at the same time. On the other hand, I do not enjoy or appreciate humor when it is used at someone’s expense, feels mean or like a hidden attack. I also do not believe that just because someone is in the public view by choice, that they are candidates for personal attacks through hurtful comments or humor. Comedians, just as jesters and fools in the King’s court before them, do play a critical role in keeping us attentive and honest. When humor rises to its full potential as a trickster who teaches, it is on a par with wisdom in my book.

So here I was using humor in a more derogatory rather than understated manner. It was not my intention to be hurtful or just  clever in the name of haiku or humor. But I wasn’t paying enough attention. Thankfully, my heart and my body (gut) hold my head accountable. I woke up in a sweat. It was time for a review of my intentions, and how I’m paying attention. More to come.

All that being said, I probably will post a few of the haiku I wrote. I’m not opposed to gallows humor or laughing at myself/ourselves when the situation calls for it.


all the language
managed in a lifetime
play ball

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