Chinese New Year ~ 2017

It’s the Year of The Fire Rooster. Happy New Year to all who celebrate.

I had some witty but irreverent haiku ready to share, however I just could not press the publish button. It would be an affront to our Chinese friends to use the urban version of rooster in haiku for the sake of political humor and cleverness  at the expense of such a happy holiday. It would also be demeaning to real roosters everywhere. Not that I am above irreverent humor – just the opposite really. However, I strongly believe that humor and political humor/commentary in particular, needs to be held to higher standards to be truly effective, like all great art everywhere.

Roosters are confident, self-assured, perfectionists, proud and also a little eccentric. They are not only hard-working but also punctual. They are always eager to learn new things in life. Element Fire represents warmth, passion and brilliance.

Fire is the element associated with Summer, red, south, passion and enthusiasm. Red can also be chaotic. I really do love the way  cosmic energy aligns with that part of the world that I am familiar with.


Fire Rooster
tonight I drum unruly energy
into song


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