The Whole Journey

February 28th — last day of the shortest month. Always an analomy — the ending a little too soon. What to write? Why write? Who reads this stuff anyway?

I do. The more I write — the more I flow. Making the commitment and taking up self-imposed challenges helps. And this is the first year that I am able to juggle my poetic and visual art output in tandem. Yay! Before this, it was one or the other. Also before this, I was not as seriously tuned into the work involved in growing my artistry. I have made a serious commitment to explore, express and enjoy the artist’s journey — the whole journey including the failures as well as the successes. After all is said and done, it is the failures that lead to real growth and riches.

With that in mind, I am including here in my last formal #NaHaiWriMo post for 2017, some of my failed haiku. Failed for one reason or another of no great consequence — mostly that they did not take me where I needed to go at the time. I hope to continue my poetry writing posts, however probably somewhat more randomly after this. I do believe that sustained poetry writing infuses my visual art, and my visual art helps poet my words. The painting here is also a work in progress started on top of a failed canvas and may or may not make it into the canons of my saved artwork. To be continued.


clouds on my way to the moon the sea’s lullaby


solar eclipse
the jazz solo
just a little off


high wind and hail last night in and out of strange dreams


grass stubble
through snow
made-up memories


now we paint our nails
apple red




La La Moonlight

Yesterday — there was a solar eclipse and a new moon + a lot of other planets’ energy mixing it up and duking it out. Chaos as a game changer. Yesterday, in a rare Hollywood-like-made-for-the-moment-alignment of cosmic humor at the Academy Awards, the winner for best picture (highlight of the show) was named incorrectly and quickly repealed. Chaos and comedy. As it is above – so it is below.

Disclaimer: I did not watch the show nor have I seen either film, however I read enough about each movie to understand that they are complete opposites on the reality-scope meter. That the Hollywood throw-back fantasy musical movie La La Land was misnamed as best picture and rescinded for the real winner Moonlight, about the gritty life of a black man who grows up in a street-drug culture and loves another man in an unforgiving neighborhood, is simply an amazing mixup and yet entirely understandable in the context of the astral energy. Life never fails to entertain or annoy depending on one’s choice of view. Same can be said for the Academy Awards show itself.

This is the next to the last of my daily posts for mindful writing and daily haiku during January and February. In a chaotic fake news-political year, it is a fitting ending on the entertainment scale as well. What I believe is missing from view on all fronts is that there are no real winners or losers — just different choices. In the end, out of chaos comes creativity – the true measure of success.


agita at the Oscars La La Moonlight


fake news at The Oscars can you believe it?


solar eclipse new moon
enjoy or annoy
Oscar mashup

And from last year’s haiku:

the dance between
fickle and moonset



More haiku prompted by Elisabeth Ladwig’s photo art at Speakeasy Art Gallery in Boonton, NJ. These two are based on her work called Truce. A woman in a black dress holds a red apple in her hand offering it to a black bear looking at it.


that feral feeling between
musk and must


so many apples offered
everyday now




Pop Up Wishes

At a lively luncheon today, a fellow artist was surprised and feted for her birthday. When the waiter brought out her birthday treat of cinnamon buns and ice cream topped with a candle — it was time  for her to make an unexpected wish.  Another celebrant suggested this bit of poetic wisdom: “Everyone should have a wish ready!”  How cool is that thought? To have a pocketful of dreams ready for pop up parties and/or shooting stars.


dancing ladies and cutout stars in the artist’s hands a pop up party 


after Matisse’s Blue Nude a voluptuous sky

And the last shall be first

On a hunt that led me through four stores on a search for dried ancho chiles, I finally scored at the Spanish market in nearby Dover, where I should have started, except that I also needed red miso, organic prunes and fino sherry. A lot of ingredients (+ others not mentioned) for a saucy chicken-dish recipe that conjured up all sorts of salivary anticipation. Usually, I just let an ingredient go here or there, however I was intrigued by this American hybrid dish including Mexican, Japanese and Mediterranean (cumin) influences. So I went on a goose chase that took me close enough to a craft store that side-tracked me into buying some stencils (and other stuff) for my collage work, walked half a mile through large lots looking for and passing my parked car several times, through an unexpected detour following a sanitation truck slowly picking up trash and finally into a fifth parking spot right in front. This had to be the store! I still had to ask three people where to find the dried ancho chile peppers (see description below), and while on a long line for check out, the elder woman behind me using a walker, told me it was going to rain because her arthritic knees were acting up. A good weather report in addition to collecting the components for this smoking meal (I can only hope). Oh — did I forget to mention that I began this whole journey, because I happened to have one ingredient, fresh cilantro, on hand already?


still sunny I spy clouds on my way home to chile tonight


Ancho chiles are a type of dried chile pepper commonly used in Mexican and Southwestern U.S. cuisine.

The pepper is the dried version of is the poblano pepper. To be specific, it’s the dried version of the ripe version of the poblano pepper.

In other words, the chiles we know as poblano peppers are fresh chiles that are harvested before ripening, which is why they’re green. It’s what your basic chile Relleno is made with.