The Moon Listens

WOW — We begin the new calendar year on a full moon — The Wolf Moon.

Wolves howl more during their breeding season in January and February. The iconic image of a wolf with head held high letting loose and a huge ivory moon in the background is a familiar one. Without getting all metaphysical here, maybe it’s a good time for us to face the moon and howl a bit. Or croon or converse with the moon. I believe that the moon listens. And sometimes, that’s all one needs. As I age, it’s less and less about making a new year resolution, (a firm decision to do or not do something or to solve a problem), and more and more about loosening, letting go, flowing or unfolding.

The late great poet and humanitarian John O’Donohue stated it so wonderfully:

“I would love to live life as a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

Howling at the full moon — just letting it rip — may surprise and satisfy that very part of us connected to the mystery and ancient thread of our evolving/our unfolding. Actually, how different is it really from a bunch of people gazing upward and screaming at a glistening orb atop a skyscraper in New York City on a cold night of the year? I always thought spending New Years Eve (and full day) in Times Square just another nutty City thing to do (insane, if I’m really being honest). However, maybe not so whacko after all. Maybe it’s just a modern version/expression of our wolf nature connected to that ancient thread. Happy Wolf Moon!

lentils at midnight for good luck a nod to my heritage

© ag ~ January 2018


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