Cowgirl Art

My back to sort-of-normalcy in the new year begins today–a week into January already. The temperature outdoors is moderating–a balmy 20 degrees and rising after a long and gripping windchill in the minus column. Last week also featured a “bomb cyclone” that galloped through like cowboys on wild ponies and a whirlwind of weekend birthday celebrations. I’m actually looking forward to vacuuming, making soup and painting–routines and chores a  little lost in all the commotion of the past couple of weeks. It will be just fine to settle into Winter’s subdued pace and beauty and back to sustained creative practice.

spicy-colored gift paper collages into a new palette

© ag ~ 2018



3 thoughts on “Cowgirl Art

  1. ‘Do wish you were my neighbor! We savor the semisolitude of winter in the same ways. Before we know it, spring will draw us back to the other side of the window. Thank you for your writings.

  2. Can you believe the first week of 2018 is already over? Our winter here in Breckenridge has been so mild – too mild. Each day, I give thanks. I feel lucky to be snug in my house, looking out at the snow and dreaming of wildflowers in summer.

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