The Lives We Live

The following are haiku-like short poems called “found haiku” or found poems. They are poems distilled from other writings–i.e. prose, news articles, longer poems, etc.. Within and from other sources, a writer/poet gleens her own version using the original author’s words in the order they appear in the original text. This is a legitimate form of writing so long as an acknowledgement is offered. There is even a Facebook page for “Found Haiku.” 

In this case, the short poems are found in the New York Times Magazine section: The Lives They Lived (12/30/18); the article is on Margot Kidder by Taffy Brodesser-Akner.

This year was a challenging one for most people that I know, on all levels–personal, national and global. Probably universal if I were to hazard a guess. My mom passed on as well as another close matriarch/friend. These found words are tendered in tribute and love.

in memoriam
edges are sanded down
is that the actual tribute?

can you ever know
a whole person?
through death 
a closer understanding

a woman is a galaxy
a mother is a universe
so is a daughter



Mindful Writing a la 2019

Party over
a few crumbs
and the moon
to nibble on.

And so it begins again–the practice of mindful writing for January. Crumbs are words offered here as small stones: a small stone is a short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment. This will be my eighth year, and I’m sure the moon will surface in these writings along with, blue, gratitude, whimsy, wonder and hopefully humor.

I’m not as enthusiastic at this time to write or paint, however the best way to plow through these artist slumps is to practice. A nibble here and there often leads to bouquets and banquets. At least I can say that I’m trying. And then again, there’s always the moon…