Viral Gratitude ~ 3/15/20

Spring feels like it is here—she is starting to show her frilly petticoats. I am eternally amazed at the ability of bulbs and spring ephemeral plants to poke up through hard ground and leaf duff. They are every bit as courageous and warrior-like as the steel blade swords that they resemble. The Sun is calling to them and to me.

It is a grand day to be outside and lucky for us, the Corona virus or any flu bug falters in bright sunshine and fresh air. Movement helps. I saw neighbors beginning their yard cleanup. Gardening is my favorite and most beneficial exercise. 

The following is a poem that I wrote in 2014 at the end of a day such as this here in NJ:

Waxing Twilight

I feel the sap
rise in my body –
after all it’s Spring.
Or is it the rum
making me feel warmer
than the bedding sun
that I imagine slips away 
under the sheets
into the embrace
of a waiting lover.
I like to think that
the moon and stars
are made of flesh
and blood
lust and longing.
Or is it that 
we are made
of sap and starlight
forgetting our own 
dawn and radiance.
What difference
does it really make
when I fall in love
so easily

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