Viral Gratitude ~ 3/16/2020

Apple-ginger-cinnamon-lemon tea with a touch of honey. Who knew it would taste and smell so wonderful and be so soothing and healing as well? Certainly not moi. It is but one recipe, idea, suggestion that is circulating/shared as virally as this novel corona virus. Another sharing: how to freeze fresh vegetables—it’s all out there. Who knew?

Restaurants in my town are now shuttered for on-site dining or even snacking. So these same business owners as well as crafting stores etc, are offering curb-side pick-up and some novel delivery. 

We are creative creatures and as humans that is our main saving grace. “Out of chaos comes creativity” —a sign that hangs on a friend’s studio door. As uncomfortable as chaos, uncertainty and the unknown are to our lifestyle—it is the pathway and process to healing and growth. 

I made a big batch of this tea and will gratefully sip it throughout the day—in much smaller cupfuls than I am used to. But that’s another story/gratitude for another day—changing habits for the better in the long run. 

until your song
a brown edge

ag ~ (haiku from February 2016)


One thought on “Viral Gratitude ~ 3/16/2020

  1. Was it my post? I hope so! Made the biggest pot of that tea this weekend!! And I found out that you’re making elderberry syrup so I just bought some elderberries to try it myself! Love you!!

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