Why The Poetry of Soil?  Because I am a farmer/gardener of plants, words, images and beauty. Soil is a fertile medium that grows and sustains much of life as we know it on earth. And yet, we often take it for granted. Poetry on the other hand, can take the mundane nature of soil/life, and turn it into creative growth and an artistry that nourishes and sustains the heart and soul.

Welcome to my blog “The Poetry of Soil.”   My muses reside in nature, human character, humor and whimsy. Melancholia and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi most often flavor the flow.

By day, I am a farmer and all other times a poet, visual artist and photographer. It is my desire to poet my paintings and paint with words. Photos help teach me the art of this. I love haiku, tanka, haibun/prose and short freestyle verse. Other poets and artists continually inspire and inform my work. I am grateful to be a part of a community of creative writers and artists sharing on the web and in my local community.

Thank you for visiting my blog – I do hope that you enjoy your visit.


why not the June sky lingers in one star’s blue light







10 thoughts on “About

  1. enjoy reading your blog
    especially liked the Thanksgiving piece
    seems comfortable and welcoming
    inclusive as poetry ought to be

    1. Peter,
      Heartfelt thanks for your comment. It helps so much to know that others enjoy reading these blog musings and poetry. It is especially gratifying when it comes from someone whose work I not only respect but also admire and find inspiring. Where can I read more of your poetry and writings? Are you on FB? Thanks again for your encouraging words. Andrea

      1. You’re very kind, Andrea. I am not a facebooker (still don’t own a cell phone, in fact) but more on the twitter thing @thepeternewton and in the journals, of course. Been working on a few books out shortly I believe–one of all haibun and one a collaboration with several other poets you may know, on the subject of “loneliness”, entitled “Lonely Together.” I admire those who blog. I can barely get up every morning and write a poem or two. Be well. –Peter

    1. Thank you youllsoonbeflying for your consideration of me for your blog award, however I am posting for my own enjoyment and growth and do not wish to participate in any blogger awards at this time. Best wishes for your continued success with your own blog.

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