New York New York

The New Fancy 

after an article by Joyce Cohen in The New York Times: March 26, 2017
The Hunt — Self-Employed Artists Find A Home Without Wheels


She a drummer
he plays guitar and acts.
They both sing
“misfit pop” tracks.

The couple rolled into NYC
in an ’82 Volkswagon camper
landing in Bedford-Stuy, Brooklyn,
rough around the edge but not cramper.

As self-employed artists they filmed
“Consumer Comments On Vegan Mayonnaise”
(cannot make this stuff up)
neither a critical success or a campy craze.

Always looking on the bright side,
they searched for an affordable rental:
750 sq. ft. in central Harlem — its windows covered
with paper, certainly to these two, nothing detrimental.

On a clear day
it’s off with the paper for plenty of light,
while the bathroom faucet growls on and off
frightening away critters throughout the night.

The water pressure is so low —
one neighboring wifi network is aptly named,
“NoWaterPressureHere,” thus insuring
urban wit and creativity, above all, take aim.

“It’s better than the wheels,” so they say
and certainly not permanent.
As artists seeking gritty New York,
now all they have to do — is pay the rent.

ag ~ 2017




Not Black and White

Every once and again, we come to a crossroad, or as a friend likes to say, choice points. Sometimes they appear to be as minor as choosing between two colors to paint with. Sometimes they are more than that.


yellow or black
if relevance comes at a price
can I mix the two?


black hole
void or depression
which color?


her head in a fog
the backstory merges
into the foreground


self-portrait as the painting dictates its own


the illusion
of positive and negative space jumps
off the canvas into my car



Bourbon, Brine and Birthday Cake

late to celebrate
the moon is my oyster tonight


wolf moon
each oyster casts off
its cool light


wolf moon
on our lips
bourbon and brine


oysters in the old mansion marble stories in their shells


a sip of the wolf moon cycles in oyster brine a howling sea


the wolf moon
the mansion’s marble
the oyster’s brine
a poet’s charcoal etching
rain tonight