Neon Noise

My intention for 2017 is to be fierce, so I decided to crank it up on my easel. Instead of my usual staid but poetic earth hues, I toyed with the hottest pinks, neon teals and outrageous oranges. My challenge:

how then to poet my feral self and remain true to my henna heart?




Poem To Myself


Alter Ego
She is elated when I feel down,
crazy when I feel sane,
and knows just what to say
to make everyone laugh and smile –
while I grimace inside each time
someone mangles my name.

Her hair looks windstorm-wonderful when mussed
and un-fussed. Mine falls limp or bedhead-
crinkled at best straight out of the salon.
She curves the air in sky-high stilettos.
I can trip, turn an ankle, ouch and flatten
my arches on flip flops instead.

Wearing a bathing suit, my Alter Ego
bikinis bumps in all the right places – only a Spanx
gruesome girdling wet suit now fits my spaces.
Texting and Instagram eats up her wit and charm.
I try to “tweet on You Tube a Google” long as my arm.
Her Facebook friends multiply like flowers in Spring –
I have a loyal thirty two-ish I’m just guessing.

Despite all of this, we are forever best friends.
She inspires, entertains and imagines herself
into the aha of my life. My Alter Ego dresses for success,
lives for happiness and is the spice of my life.
She is my heroine, soulmate, and close confidant.
Honestly, after all, this for sure I know – she needs me too,

for I am just as much her Alter Ego.

ag ~ 2015

For Vincent

Baleful Blues

Sometimes it creeps in
between the sheets
other times on the arm of a trombone
the longing
bluesy and boozy or
fireside and crackling sober.

It leads into
Van Gogh’s blue bedroom
with the walls and floorboards
all askew and naked
assumptions of sanity.

There in his room
Vincent felt it too.

Mindful Writing ~ 2014:07

Some of the old masters used brushes with very long handles which forced them to look at their own paintings at a distance while at work. For the rest of us, it is so very important to step away and disengage from our own process in order to see wholly with fresh eyes. Sometimes it also takes another pair of eyes, a mirror-image view or time off to really grasp and appreciate the entire piece.

In my case, it often entails all of the above AND turning the painting upside-down. It’s amazing what pops up, at least for me. Who would have thought?

winter blue sky
I flip my painting
and begin
at the beginning

ag ~ 2014