Viral Blogging ~ 4.27.20

More or Less

More foxtails on the run,
less contrails blocking the sun.
More stars brighter in the sky,
less cars passing by.
More community chipping in,
less immunity near friend and kin.
More recipes than able cooks,
less crime and story-book crooks.
More coffee at home to taste,
less plastic cups go to waste.
~ ~ ~
Less junkmail, and trips to the mall,
more dog walks and real phone calls.
Less to complain about “before,”
more consideration at our core.
Less of what others perceive,
more of what we actually need.
Less noise and throwing stones,
more of stardust in our bones.
Less contrails blocking the sun,
more foxtails on the run.

ag ~ 2020

Viral Gratitude ~ 4.5.20

the tiniest
flowers in the
teeniest of vases
catch our breath and
give the cheeriest hello
in a split second of delight
on a day that would otherwise
pass as a drama too complex
and sophisticated for the
delicate loveliness of
wood sprites unless
we unleash our
true selves to
play with



Viral Gratitude ~ 3.29.20

Sometimes it’s all about leaning into it. Sometimes it’s about letting go. It’s Sunday morning and the Corona quiet could be deafening, or it could be soothing. Life is changing, more abruptly than we are used to or care for in our humaness. However, it is nature’s way: through fire, flood, storms, earthquakes and viruses. She is asking us to adapt and grow.

letting go
the dandelion
and me


letting go   letting g    letting      lettin         lett           let            …

Salmon Lake, Maine


Viral Gratitude ~ 3.25.20

Three haiku for the day. Two oldies and a new one. I will let you guess which one is  most recent:

tea with honey
the morning moon
on its commute too


my hunger wanders
past all borders


a stink bug turns up
in last year’s wrapping paper
to regift or not?

(a rare 5-7-5 haiku)

Stormku Or Polar Vortex Poetry

nom de bomb
snow hurricane


a bodacious blizzard
in Dixie


polar front at Stop And Shop —
chips and dips sold out


sushi meets snow
in Brooklyn


a polar vortex name
grows in Brooklyn


weather front matchup:
Bombogenesis vs Blizzard


bombshell meets blizzard


a tad bit staid
for a storm name


© ag ~ 2018



Loop Sluice Stir

With a slight toss of her head, she loops the moon into a scarf and sluices into the bitter night…”

I wrote this awhile back in my film noir heroine fantasy period.

Today, with a shiver down my to my backbone, I looped a woolen scarf inside my down parka, covered my head with the hood and rumbled into the bitter wind at the farmers’ market.

So much for sensual drama.


Mercury goes direct
I stir the soup
in clockwise circles