Mindful Writing ~ 2014:16

Waxing With The Moon

That moon again –
this month it’s the face 
of the Full Wolf Moon
as we take our place 
in a booth at the local bar.

We are not really there 
to drink or eat as much
as to share and discuss
lifetimes of laughter and fear
just in the past week alone.

Waxing with the moon
all that brings us close
to tears and beyond –
vulnerability to freedom
and the light of the martyr.

Oh, I get it now.
Christ accepted crucifixion
not as woe-is-me-martyr but simply as
the responsibility?

Without remorse or penance
instead to understand honestly
our own footsteps in our own lives
that lead us to and through 
the pathways of all the small guesses.

We two with the spirit of the Jaguar 
will come together the next time 
in a booth at the local bar to revisit
the laughter and fear of arms open wide
and the face of another full moon.

ag ~ 2014

for Vicky

Going With the Flow ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #25

Yesterday morning I planned an early start to cleaning and clearing clutter. Until a phone call came in from a friend who called me intuitively just as I had been thinking of her and conversing with her in my head as I am want to do. Followed by an email from a new friend who touches my heart, and so I sat down and wrote back to her while I had a cup of tea. Afterward, I felt a pull to connect and call another friend who was experiencing grief and heartache. I left a message for her. Next was a call to another friend to see how she was faring through some recent trauma and after-the-flu news. By the time I was finished with this last call, it was lunch time and after feeding and walking the dog, I ate. At last, I squeezed in vacuuming and cleaning one bathroom before I got out to do an errand and later in the afternoon meet another friend for coffee and quiche. Our conversation flowed for over two hours into darkening dusk and light snow. By that time, I treated myself to take-out vegan Asian food and finished the evening reading. A day committed to sweet conversation and connecting with creative and sensitive women committed to giving life all their best. I’m so glad I gave into the urge to call and connect. Actually, these conversations went along much further to clearing the clutter than moving around boxes of stuff that will patiently wait for a more convenient time.