As If a Lovely Blue Silk Scarf

La Bella Luna

A Short Whimsical Colloquy


Merl ~ The Sea
Luna ~ The Moon
Stella ~ A Star
Nuvola ~ A Cloud

The Scene: A tranquil tropical beach.

The Time: Before the crescent moon rises to infinity.

Merl: Cara mia Luna, you are wearing the evening as if a lovely blue
          silk scarf.              

Luna: How silly you are – that is only Nuvola, but a lingering cloud that 
           keeps pursuing me.

Merl:  La Luna, have you forsaken me and played my heart like a
          windharp?  I want to see more of you tonight.

Luna:  Oh La Mer,  I could never leave you, but sometimes I think that 
           you flirt more with Stella – that young brilliant star!

Merl:  (with a hardy laugh) – Bella Luna, – she is very sweet, but my heart
          belongs to your light.

Luna:  I know Deepest Love, and this Nuvola is but a puff of mist 
           disappearing into your reflection.

Meryl:  Cara mia, How beautiful you are…I await your fullness when we 
             can dance as waves onto the shore.

Buonno notte ~ the End.

soft waves
once again
with and without you

ag ~ August 2013 
Grand Water Trine

October musings…

a belly button moon
crescents the sky

crescent moon
the quiet footsteps
of a welcomed guest

taste of a radish
that remembers
the land

upside down
the treetop
in a dewdrop

after our goodbye
the distant murmur
of katydids

ag ~ 2012