Spring Cleaning and The Blues

news of an old friend’s passing—
I switch Pandora
to a blues station

(for Pat)


Spring cleaning
I scour grief and grease
with abandon


news of a new friend’s passing
the gift of her smile

(for Yvette)


through it all
the piercing presence of thistle
in the garden


between words
I use the pencil sharpener
grandpa’s dad’s mine

(for Glenn)


jewel weed emerges in the garden I return home

(for me)



Kickin’ Cancer Poem

Strength Hope and Gratitude
for Carolyn


We all know that some days are hard
If not careful they can leave us scarred.
“A sense of humor is required”
As Carolyn’s kickin’ cancer is inspired.

Strength is ours for every struggle,
Grace and grit gets us through any trouble.
“Be faithful always in small things”
God’s grace soars on butterfly wings.

There is guidance for every decision
When hope and gratitude are the vision.
Strength can grow without understanding
Our human frailties become less demanding.

“Look for the good in every day”
Music and beauty can light our way.
“Strength, hope and gratitude”
Expand our horizons and attitude.

“Be faithful always in small things”
God’s grace soars on butterfly wings.
These are gifts to own and nourish
Friends of ours always to cherish.


Andrea Grillo ~ February 2016

Old Oak Table

Old Oak Table

as a two year old…

I can walk under you and play with you
you are my house and my umbrella
I can hide under your belly
you help me stand as I lean against you

as a ten year old…

You hold my things – I don’t see you
but I accept you as part of my home
I’m too busy to notice

as a sixteen year old…

I set plates on you for dinner
I think about Tommy

on my wedding day…

You are fine – dressed with lace
a part of tradition

as a grandparent…

We are friends – I know your age
I respect you well.

ag ~ 1989