Viral Gratitude ~ 3.27.20

Thought for the day: there is so much to learn. About ourselves, about each other, about our community, about leadership, about common heroes, about grace under pressure. 

Take heroes for instance: the typical image (or Hollywood idealized portrayal anyway) has mostly been about individuals with super-human abilities and traits who are able to vanquish monsters and mobs. This model or stereotype is changing, and our realization of true heroism is growing as fast as the virus that spawned it.

We are recognizing neighbors, who are not super human and very much like us in everyday manner and occupation, who are rising to the occasion, sacrificing comfort and substituting courage and honor in place of fear.

That is huge. And it took a long time for me to learn, because it was easier to relegate heroism to outsized individuals who were stronger, smarter and had better abilities than me. Uh, no. It was a lazy excuse to watch instead of participate.

Heroes are not individuals who vanquish fear or know-not fear, but instead work side-by-side with fear, and don’t let fear overwhelm them. They allow fear to walk with them but not ahead of them. This takes work, hard work and it takes heart. Not everyone is capable of this, and I can only judge my own actions. 

Today, I am grateful for all the extraordinary-ordinary teachers (heroes) among us, not just for their contributions, but also for their lessons. Angels do walk with us.


Believe beyond belief!

They found her! Marley – that scrappy little Shih Tzu-Terrier scared rescue dog who dug her way out under a fence when she first arrived at a shelter to survive in sub-zero wind chill, over a foot of snow, coyotes on the prowl all in completely new surroundings for over ten days!!! I can honestly use the word AMAZING here. Marley (see photo below) did it with her warrior spirit and through the unending dedication and work of the team at Eleventh Hour Rescue. The prayers and love sent through the ether by all the animal lovers who followed her story on Facebook and Twitter worked their magic as well. It’s the stuff of movies – a true miracle. Add it to the stories we now read (fairly often) about incredible animals traveling hundreds of miles to find their owners, rescuing tots in need, working everyday with the handicapped, armed forces, police departments and even taking the bus on their own to play in a park!

A friend of a friend, Chris Bavarro wisely said “you have to believe beyond belief.” I get it now. Marley and the team at Eleventh Hour Rescue brought this home to me, and I am grateful once again to all the human angels looking out for people, animals and the environment who are lost, hurt, in trouble or just need a gentle reminder that kindness and love are gifts always in abundance despite headlines to the contrary.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the rescue, those who prayed and especially to Marley who is so well loved!