Viral gratitude ~ 4.8.20

I love Brian Andreas’ writing and artwork. It is so very whimsical, poetic  and profound at the same time. He combines the most fantastical imagery with the mundane in such a manner that it catches you off guard and can leave one (me) breathless or at the very least—with a smile. For the child within—Brian’s work is nourishing, supportive, humorous and contemplative all the while most playfully innocent. Wisdom in this case, cloaked in innocence. And his artwork is as whimsical, colorful and sensitive as his words. 

Some sweet nuggets on his 2020 Brian Andreas Studio Calendar:

bringing magic back into everyday life,

         even though to most people,

                 it just looks like soup.”

~Brian Andreas 2019


In his calendar, Brian Andreas gets to create/name his own special days:

March 22: giant Sunday hat day;

March 29: cross a line day;

April 27: mismatched sock day;

June 8: thankful for oceans day;

September 15: walk backwards day (one of my favorites).

His September page:

Once you see the heroes around you, the ones who stand quietly & love the world with everything they are,

don’t be surprised if one day you choose to stand up & show what happens when you live that kind of life too.”

~Brian Andreas, 2019


Trip A Lamp or Two

New Year’s day activity: a 10:00 AM viewing of Mary Poppins Returns. Afterward, I return home to find two light bulbs in two different lamps in my living room have burned out at the same time. They were both on earlier (around dawn) before I left the house. I sat in the dark for a while before I realized that neither light (on timers) was coming on. What are the odds of two different bulbs in two lamps in the same room burning out at the same time? 

One of the final songs in the movie is Trip A Light Fantastic. Coincidence?


River of stones,

I put on my beret

and walk 

the cobbled streets

of twilight fancy.

Lovers and Leftovers



So I decided to bake a potato last night – a very infrequent occurrence. When I cut it lengthwise, this brown area stood out – not rot but underdeveloped potato. That was ok, until I leaned in as I was about to smear on the butter and saw the two faces and perfect lips. Thought I was imagining this and once again, while I was doing three other things – I had to run and get my camera. As if that weren’t enough, I also had to compose the photo — hence the fork.

I see faces in all of nature, on tree bark, on stones, in clouds but never before in a potato or an apple or peach – this is a first! And then I realized that today is Valentines Day. I got lucky and pulled a sweetheart potato. (I know I know — as my cousin would suggest — I need “to get a life”). Anyway, the two sides of the potato are lovers for now and after dinner — tomorrow’s leftovers.


not even a full moon and yet its pull on my heart


lovers and leftovers — how not to worry about what to write


Bourbon and Blackberries

It’s just a few minutes before 4:00 AM, and it’s just a few days before the start of a new year.

Time — it’s all an illusion, and yet it fully engages, sparks and/or distracts us. So with that thought in mind, I am choosing once again (my fifth year) to commit to the practice of daily writing during January and onto February. January is for writing small stones (described below) and February for writing small poems. Thank you to Fiona Robyn, now Satya Robyn, for introducing and poeting small stones back in 2011. It’s a practice, along with painting, that satiates my inmate desire to combine presence and imagination, reality and whimsy with poetry and prose.

bourbon and blackberries — how does art get done?

Mindful Writing Tool: small stones

A small stone is a short piece of writing (prose or poetry) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment. The process of finding small stones is as important as the finished product – searching for them will encourage you to keep your eyes (and ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind) open.
A small stone is a short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment.

towels and shirts and pillowcases show me the shapes of the breeze

Fiona Robyn

Children’s Misspelled Wisdom

I found this child’s drawing on a paper bag and have tacked it up in my studio. It’s a visual conversation between two young people:

“Dose any Body want to play with me”

“I will”

The misspelling in the question just adds to its precious simplicity, truth and  beauty. That there is a positive answer warms my heart.


winter stars dip down to earth in words “I will”




January 23…

Day Trip



What a great name and the claim to purvey curiosity?

YES! And thanks for purveying  ennui into imagination.


words that swell on the tongue martini my pen into merlot


ag ~ 2015




As If a Lovely Blue Silk Scarf

La Bella Luna

A Short Whimsical Colloquy


Merl ~ The Sea
Luna ~ The Moon
Stella ~ A Star
Nuvola ~ A Cloud

The Scene: A tranquil tropical beach.

The Time: Before the crescent moon rises to infinity.

Merl: Cara mia Luna, you are wearing the evening as if a lovely blue
          silk scarf.              

Luna: How silly you are – that is only Nuvola, but a lingering cloud that 
           keeps pursuing me.

Merl:  La Luna, have you forsaken me and played my heart like a
          windharp?  I want to see more of you tonight.

Luna:  Oh La Mer,  I could never leave you, but sometimes I think that 
           you flirt more with Stella – that young brilliant star!

Merl:  (with a hardy laugh) – Bella Luna, – she is very sweet, but my heart
          belongs to your light.

Luna:  I know Deepest Love, and this Nuvola is but a puff of mist 
           disappearing into your reflection.

Meryl:  Cara mia, How beautiful you are…I await your fullness when we 
             can dance as waves onto the shore.

Buonno notte ~ the End.

soft waves
once again
with and without you

ag ~ August 2013 
Grand Water Trine

Color ku

Color ku are haiku and senryu inspired by the name of a paint color labeled on paint chips by Martha Stewart, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore etc.  Most of these names have little to do with traditional color names and everything to do with imagination and whimsy.  In the following haiku and senryu, the paint chip name is used and italicized within each of the color ku.  All of these poems were recently published in  Modern Haiku 42.1.

spring violet                                                                                          touch of nectar

a doe nibbles                                                                                         the baby dimples

the newness                                                                                           a smile

~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~

morning walk                                                                                       egg yolk

a wood pecker starts                                                                             the day jiggles

its workday                                                                                             its light

~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~

wild honey                                                                                             lost

two dragonflies                                                                                      in the glass of milk

dip and swirl                                                                                           a taste of summer grass



picnic basket                                                                                          thatched cottage 

our plans                                                                                                 heirloom tomatoes

on hold                                                                                                    almost ripe

~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                        ~~~~~~~~~~

willow branch                                                                                       cavern                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

the winding tics                                                                                     I growl at the dog

of my Twitter stream                                                                            through a paper towel roll