January 30…

We often give very little consideration to those people who live toward the edge of our lives. They’re not part of our inner circle but orbit somewhere on the far circumference – so much so that we hardly pay attention to them until they disappear. Usually for me this means they move out of my figurative or literal neighborhood. When this happens, their presence comes into sharp focus because of their new or pending absence. It does not matter how little contact I really have with them – it’s always more than enough for some tearful grief.


news of her moving flashbacks to winter in fourth grade


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January 24…

Just another Saturday and not… I received the sweetest email this morning in response to a wail about the angst of chaos and self-unfolding and knowing and not knowing…and in the end truly understanding that creation is the painting.

a voice sings off key until blue lines jazz and dance her limbs

(with a little help from a friend)

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January 16…

I had a crappy day today. Crappy is a good word for it. After an emotional upset early on, I later lost my eyeglasses and a favorite scarf. The only saving grace was meeting a therapy dog named Redon. He is an eight year old golden retriever who is in the midst of a career change. From seeing-eye to therapy. I felt better knowing that if a dog, equivalent to the age of 56 can change his habits, so can I. Redon sniffed me and wagged his tail, no doubt recognizing my own canine love on my faded jeans.

sometimes letting go of the small stuff is the big stuff

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Mindful Writing ~ 2014:31 The End

It’s the last day of January, and the last of the mindful writing-small stones for 2014.  I believe I completed thirty out of thirty one.  Wish I could say the same for my to-do list.  I’m making some headway, however the list always seems to morph into so much more.  The other day I finished a tiresome chore and to my horror – it wasn’t on the list!  I had to sqeeze it between two other items, just so I could cross it off.  However doing it that way – backended – never yields quite the same satisfaction.  Something is added before it is removed.  Crossing off then feels like cheating.  I know what you’re thinking and rightly so “Sweetie – time to get a life!”  

Actually there is a thread here.  This challenge is always fun and stretches me beyond what I hope for, even when one hits a slump about midway through.  It’s amazing all that goes on in a day, and to pick up and share one piece of it, is both challenging and enriching.  January is really the best month for daily mindful writing.  Winter offers a time for mindful introspection as well as silent snow days.

On the other hand – February – the shortest month of the year is ideal for the #NaHaiWriMo challenge of writing one haiku or senryu per day.  Same mindfullness with more brevity and a whole lot more editing.  Less words but more work.  It may be the easiest form of poetry to write, but the hardest to write well.

Because this is my last long post, I may as well rant a bit – since when and why are #####hashtagsout?  Hello, who decides this stuff anyway? I was just beginning to get the hang of it and quite honestly – reading the hashtags was just as much or even more fun than reading the post!!!!!



As my close friends know – sometimes I can’t help but amuse myself.

Thank you to all my friends, followers and fellow bloggers for all the alliterative fun this month.  Please stay tuned for less of the same.

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