Morning Madness

4:10 AM
under layers of blankets
I fetal my limbs


before prayer
or thanksgiving
a pony wild


mind over matter or is it mind over madness?


rolling stone
exactly when does choice
choose us?


before dawn
lost on the pillow
the pillow itself

© ag ~ 2018


And We’re Off…

Once again, as has been my practice for about five years now, I make the choice to take the time to reflect, write and focus my attention on one thing during each day in January that I might normally whizz by and lose sight of. In this spectacularly busy world, we regularly make and ignore small choices that do impact all the rest. This practice is called mindful writing and asks that we pay attention and bring presence (by writing here) to all these seemingly insignificant decisions that in realty shape who we are. This is not just about being serious in a somber way (I couldn’t do that if I tried). It is about staying present enough to look beyond our own foibles in order to appreciate the humor and grace that we can normally and easily ignore.

My official practice begins on January 1st every year, however as I age, I need to do more stretching and warming up physically and mentally. Hence this long introduction and a reblog of my last post from January 2016 to start things off:


Writing My Way Home  – A Kyirelle

As a mindful writing practice,
I blog daily on that and this.
It is called sharing a small stone,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

January lobs with a cold moon,
And winter scenes of snow monsoons.
My muse inspires an artful tone,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

Tales of grit, grace and gratitude,
Shape its forum and latitude.
With tears of laughter, grief and groans,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

Presence is my daily prayer.
Growth is awareness being here.
To this end I write my way home,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

c   Andrea Grillo ~ 2016

Earth To Andrea

There’s a flurry of activity ~ lots going on and lots to ponder for these first couple of weeks into the new year. This used to be such a blessedly slow, take-a-breather and recoup season – wonderful for mindful writing and taking my delicious time to do so. Forget about it. Now it’s all I can do to keep up and if this is any indication of the pace I’m on for 2017 – then I just may have to “drop out” for awhile. (Remember that saying?). There are only so many leeks I can chop to use as a medatative tool in order to ground myself. Oh well, no one to blame or applaud but myself. We constantly make choices despite how trite they may seem at the time only to realize the full consequences in a somewhat startling manner later on. Just called Life.


almost the Year of The Fire Rooster
I book two extra nights
for a fall holiday


January 31…

Last day of January and mindful writing 2015. I leave with a ditzy ditty:


Slippery Soap


I scrum I yawn

lose control

oh no there it goes

on a forward reach

past my toes.



’round the tub

scud the rim

a few seconds later

those verbs-of-sin.


Having some fun

life on its own

a bar of soap

sails right past into

that slippery zone.


See you tomorrow for the first of NaHaiWriMo – National Haiku Writing Month.


ag ~ 2015




January 28…

I have to try to remember (in the actual moment) that the more you do – the more opportunity for making mistakes. Today I made soup and had to add store-bought stock when I realized I did not have enough of my own. I was thrilled to be using some that I save for occasions like this that had not run way (key word here) past its expiration date. Of course, I did not read the highlighted notice Easy Open Cap – No Pull Tab before opening. When I twisted off the top, I saw that the seal was broken and immediately deduced that someone was either trying to poison me, or that I already opened it and forgot to refrigerate it. Okay, either way I decided to pour it out and get another one – only thing now was that I did not have another chicken stock and had to use vegetable stock. Once again after twisting off the top – I saw that the seal was broken. This was my AHA! moment – when I realized that the words Easy Open Cap – No Pull Tab was actually related to my process, and that the twist itself broke the seal. Duh and not! Are we (read that AM I?) really supposed to know this stuff when “Package Opening 101” changes every ten minutes, or can I be excused once in a while? I feel bad that I wasted a carton of good stock, but I’m also happy to recognize that “Package Opening for Baby Boomers” will rank up there on the best-selling Dummies book-list  along with “Learn-the-Computer,” “Cell Phone Dos and Don’ts” and “How-To-Work-the-Dashboard-On-Your-New-Car.”

blizzard soup – the misnomer of easy off lost in the pot


ag ~ 2015