Virus vs Vitality: Corona Blog 3.14.20

Rather than panic, preach or pity myself and the world-at-large, I intend to write one thing per day that I am thankful for during this viral storm. Some postings will be humorous, silly, serious, and some stretching-the-limits-of-gratitude. Some will include stories, haiku, poetry,  painting/sketching and/or simple sentences.

My intention is to take this forced down time and use it as an opportunity: to slow-cook more creatively (lots of unexplored ways to cook pasta, lentils and beans); more house cleaning/clearing, trail walking and talking, reading, napping, pruning, gardening and creating.

I will engage all my earthly senses as well as my Angels and Guides in more conversation/communication bound to include plenty of cussing, anger, tears, feelings of vulnerability, culpability, asking for help and clarification, gratitude, plus singing and dancing. 

This will be a journal of sorts, which I will be posting on Awoodlandrose’s blog “The Poetry Of Soil.” I took a hiatus from my daily mindful writing practice this January and February for the first time in eight or nine years, so the Universe is offering me a second chance knowing it is rare that I am ever at a loss for words.

Today, I will begin with gratitude for my quirky yet solid sense of self, good health and humor. This in turn allows me to appreciate, remain cognizant and respectful of everyone else’s sense of self, health and humor in my own community and around the globe. 

Gramaste. (LOL)

A Moment

Let me enjoy this moment.

It’s just past daybreak Sunday early September.

In fact, it’s a late Labor Day weekend this year and
with the flux and flummish of school traffic starting,
beach trips ending and a flourish of block-party
bbqs – things are still all mixed up. The soft whirring
of crickets and bird choirs are the morning’s only
sounds and conversation. No leaves rustling, no heat,
no full sun yet – after a summer of only sun and barely
an occasional shower during the night.

I am propped up in bed (oh how deliciously derelict
for me – it’s almost 7 AM!) with only a trip to the
farmer’s market planned, a day at my easel and a new
composition notebook to write in with new graphite pencils.
The dog is still snuggled in her bed, still unaware
that her belly is empty and her bladder full. I was
going to check the weather on the internet but decided
what for?

“What for?” this moment?

A sketch, really a study an artist tacks up on
her wall or in her journal to show and allow that
the wonder of infinite possibility and creative play
really begins and lies in her own hand holding
a brush a pencil a pen a poem a stillness, a moment
and much much more.



Then and Now ~ Mindful Writing Challenge ~ Day #3

From my journal entry dated April 21-22, 1972.  A “sit-in” to protest the Vietnam War.  Notes as written except for explanations in parenthesis ( )


Student takeover of Dean Curtis’ office and George Sherman Hall (Boston University)

people sitting, standing, laughing, talking, reading  blowing bubbles

music  dancing  guys playing basketball

passing a jug of water

food – cookies, cheese, crackers, honey nuts, oranges, apples, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, o.j., bagels & cream cheese

everyone quite at home – “enemy outside – community inside(quote by a faculty member)

news coming in about us and brothers and sisters all over the country

great numbers in support roles – on stairs, in lounge – supplying us with food etc.

tension until 12:00 when we finally break the injunction – we’re all in contempt of court


celebration it’s a people’s cultural event

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today’s blog entry :

This sit-in continued throughout the night, and I do not remember any violence although many were arrested (sometimes violently) outside and around the country.  I called home (on a land-line phone) to warn my parents. Protesters were sprawled on the floor – on couches – on desks – and some were coupling.  Conversation grew quieter and music softer as dawn approached.  It was a community linked once again by “an outside and outsized enemy” who or which could be warmongers, a physical attack, random act of violence,  a weather disaster or lesser cause.  It took me a long time to acknowledge my part and question our right to do any of this.  I do not condone my actions but can only believe that it helped stop the war sooner.  I am sorry that we did not show respect to those boys-men who chose a different course and served their time following their own free choice.  There was just so much unfairness on so many levels, that I dropped out of B.U. after this year never earning a degree.  I returned home and became a professional gardener instead.  One of the best choices I ever made.

Next journal entry will be snapshots of those students and a rather celebrated professor involved in the take-over – all of whom protested this war from their heart and soul.

~ ~ ~

frozen snow

on top of frozen snow

no regrets


ag ~ January 2013


Sunday skinny dippin

From my journal entry – 6/4/72

went skinny dipping for the first time today with Becky st Shadow Lake in Greenfield… a kind of freedom and sense of rebellion almost – fantastic – water warm too… complete vulnerability gave me a supreme strength – no one could hurt me because I was completely open ~

and this today:

soft ripples
my body remembers
for me

ag ~ December 2012

The Hitchhiker…

In preparation for and in addition to writing “a small stone” a day in January and a haiku a day in February 2013 – I am sharing excerpts from my journal going back to my existential hippie days and musings.

This first one is dated 10/10/72 – just dropped out of Boston University after my second year in college. All comments in parentheses () are current explanations:

picked up a lone hitchhiker complete with backpack, soft curly hair and
wire rims…Harvard…lived in Cambridge…now on his way to Arizona to work with an architect on unique city structure – camps out a lot.

he’s fascinated by my new Volks(wagon bug) tried the seatbelt
mother from S. Dakota – father from Yugoslavia (very dated now) – parents live in Vienna
hitching this time of year, he has a common subject (to discuss) with people across the country – elections
advised me to vote – not for change but to make change easier
asked me questions – his first reaction – glad that I quit waitressing
felt good giving him a lift – I identified with and admired him
wants to buy land in Vermont with a friend
who doesn’t?

ag ~ from my journal