Ode To Summer ~ revisited

Some oldie but goody haiku and tanka for summer heat. Most have appeared previously on one or another of my blog posts.

for what ?





a cicada’s
raucous call for a mate
makes me wonder…
should I wear
my low cut
dress tonight


of shooting stars
a naked beach
and foaming waves
oh to be so seductive

Published: Take Five
Best Contemporary Tanka 2008


blue again
no summer sky
blue… that blue
deep into the wail
of a saxophone blue


Published: Modern English Tanka
Summer 2007

The Seduction of Romance



Uncoiled Knots

I feel so sad. The day uncoiled its knots,
but in the end there was no deliciousness
to savour. I tried to fill in with an elderberry
cocktail and a walk with the dog. The cat
got a good petting, but there was no
dessert mail waiting for me. No special
text wondering how I was doing or just
a reminder that I am an object of desire
and time is our only gatekeeper. Not a
one who begs to flirt with me in a red
dress or freshen my drink. Even though
the day uncoiled its knots I feel so sad.



Absence and Desire

“There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman~~


longing as pleasure
its own seduction
deeper than desire


all night rain

in a dream

his wet kisses


soft ripples my body remembers for me


a bittersweet hunger
for more than just
a taste


a diva in my next life red stilettos


scant moon
a sliver between
breath and desire


ag ~ some of these haiku were previously published


October Moon (again)

ochre and rust October leaves me longing for more


green tomatoes in a dream so uncertain


October moon
somehow you always catch me
heart in hand


ag ~ late October 2015

photo IMG_3572 IMG_9267



Autumn Musings

Amber Dusk: a tanka sequence

in the land
of spirits and goats
amber dusk
and sultry youth… I dance best
to the throb of lapping waves

the sun sets
on day-warm stone steps
and peacocks strut
who’s to know this moment
is for life long

heat rises
scents linger low
night air and the moon
so full – a longing
deep beyond all need

as I age toward crone
the inside-out beauty
of the new moon
seduces the quiet
in my life

autumn nights
guitar chords drift by
and softly suggest
leaving for the womb
a dark moon and the rain

november winds
fade into winter’s 
lush silence…
        moss grows on wood and stone
        I yield to this shorn beauty


First published: Modern English Tanka
Volume 2; Number 1
Autumn 2007

Bourbon and Salt Chips

“T’aint easy sweetie” she said drolly. “Tryin’ to hang on and let go at the same time.”  Her voice was tinged with salt chips and her long legs propped up on the kitchen table. The farmhouse windows looked out onto a horizon of grass and garden. It had been a spring day turned abruptly into summer longing.

bourbon with wild mint
before dusk disappears
a sudden downpour

ag ~ 2014

For Vincent

Baleful Blues

Sometimes it creeps in
between the sheets
other times on the arm of a trombone
the longing
bluesy and boozy or
fireside and crackling sober.

It leads into
Van Gogh’s blue bedroom
with the walls and floorboards
all askew and naked
assumptions of sanity.

There in his room
Vincent felt it too.