Viral Gratitude ~ 4.16.20

Friends. Our link to Angels and our better selves. They walk with us through the darkest nights and celebrate with us and for us when the sun shines. Sometimes they even lift us when we are in the shade and cannot see the light. We laugh, we cry, we grieve and we birth together. And in the most difficult of times, we honor death together. Despite all disagreements and even some drama, we are better humans because of our friends and friendships (including the animal and plant world). 

Today I am grateful for all my friends, past, present and future as well as friends (strangers to me)  who love and support each other around the globe. I am honored and blessed to be walking this walk with many friend-souls every day. In particular, today is the birthday of my soul sister and Jaguar kin, Vicky, who has repeatedly shown and taught me the true meaning of generosity of spirit and materials. She asks herself, over and over again in the most demanding and difficult situations, “What would love do here?” and for the most part meets herself in that field. And countless other souls besides me have experienced this/her unconditional love through her work and life.

In lieu of celebrating together during this pandemic, and in lieu of grieving together for those who lost loved ones at their last breath, I honor this moment within the grace and mystery that life offers to all of us. AHO. 

Believe beyond belief!

They found her! Marley – that scrappy little Shih Tzu-Terrier scared rescue dog who dug her way out under a fence when she first arrived at a shelter to survive in sub-zero wind chill, over a foot of snow, coyotes on the prowl all in completely new surroundings for over ten days!!! I can honestly use the word AMAZING here. Marley (see photo below) did it with her warrior spirit and through the unending dedication and work of the team at Eleventh Hour Rescue. The prayers and love sent through the ether by all the animal lovers who followed her story on Facebook and Twitter worked their magic as well. It’s the stuff of movies – a true miracle. Add it to the stories we now read (fairly often) about incredible animals traveling hundreds of miles to find their owners, rescuing tots in need, working everyday with the handicapped, armed forces, police departments and even taking the bus on their own to play in a park!

A friend of a friend, Chris Bavarro wisely said “you have to believe beyond belief.” I get it now. Marley and the team at Eleventh Hour Rescue brought this home to me, and I am grateful once again to all the human angels looking out for people, animals and the environment who are lost, hurt, in trouble or just need a gentle reminder that kindness and love are gifts always in abundance despite headlines to the contrary.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the rescue, those who prayed and especially to Marley who is so well loved!


Until The Wind Rattles…

I fetch a leaf

off the forest floor,

morning sun warms

slanting earthen rock

the silence of stone

and heartbeats of prayer.


In a cloud

tendered on a breeze

your ashes sail

and come to rest

between canyon walls

and periwinkle sky.


Brushing our cheeks

along the way

with soft caresses

landing on pinyon and sage

the earth and stars

welcome you home.

ag  ~ for Robin




Petals of Light

Ice casts and splints
on tree limbs
shatter yet sparkle
their last light
and melt into snow.

Ison, the comet that hurled
toward our mother star
splinters yet freckles
fragments of light
and melts into sun.

Paper Whites
on a windowsill
flake yet fragrance
petals of light
and melt into breath.

A giving heart
in many a bosom
grieves yet ripens
a healing light 
and melts into moon and the dark of night.

ag ~ December 2013

Summer Showing Her Petticoat


“Summer showing her petticoat”
that’s how you described
your birthday month
beloved season of drifting sails
beach wanderings and stormy skies.

How I miss our sharing
the hues of a summer garden
and the fragrance of long nights
along sleepy coastal towns 
with the breath of shells.

I find it hard to believe
that you are no longer
a phone call or a letter away
but floating somewhere in the ether.

I wonder… because we made a pact
to stay connected 
and to start a new dialogue
despite this radical change of life –
is this you sending me so many hearts?

In the sand shaped by waves,
amongst stones piled high,
on the bathroom floor in a piece of tissue,
leaves that fall to the ground –
all the while I am thinking of you?

If so
I am grateful
for these sweet reminders
of a love still living in my heart
so strong and true.

for Robin ~ Happy Birthday Month
ag ~ almost July 2013

Friendship ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #12

Today I received thoughtful and loving gifts from a dear friend – Marsie as well as gifts in the name and spirit of my longtime soul-sister and beloved friend Robin who passed a short time ago. Marsie and Robin were soulmates and partners for 18 years. We ‘Sistahs’ had frolicking good times together as well as sharing the pain and losses that come with a lifetime of friendship, growth and healing. It was my first birthday without Robin cheering me on, and so the grief rises and ebbs in tidal waves each time I experience a first this-or-that without her. Birthdays were true celebrations to Robin, and this meant championing all of her loved one’s life-gifts and achievements. She was my greatest cheerleader and recognized the budding artist in my soul long before me. Even as a poet, I cannot put into words how grateful I am for our time together, or how much I miss her. Today though, I truly felt her and Marsie’s love in the sweet and special gifts that Marsie chose, bundled and mailed to me. In Robin’s words ~ I am “forever grateful” to both of you. It is through any and all creative endeavors, I am returning the love.

the brilliance
of love’s creation

ag ~ 2013

A Summer Moon

A Summer Moon

born to
a summer moon
always yours
to hold

with golden curls
that honeycomb
the morning’s
early glow

through fields
woods and meadows
on pond seas

we play
catching rides
on children’s swings
laughing in the breeze

we hunt seaglass
the color of your eyes
tumbled by the shore’s
rocky waves

pray to the goddess
and converse
with trees
amongst the craggy graves

the warmth of tea
bread and butter
a smile through tears
on your face

we watch two eagles
soar and glide
alone and together
hearts fill with grace

this breath
of life but
a firefly’s

catch it
the sweet dimple
of evening’s
soft light

born to
a summer moon
always yours
to hold

a shooting star
blessed with grace
finds her way

for Robin ~ beloved friend forever

Rest In Peace ~ July 18, 1952 – August 13, 2012


Healing Through Grief ~ part one.

God ~ what is it that I / we need to know for my / our life now?

Thanks for asking.

That pain is part bliss – that part of bliss that is love removed / changed / growing in a different form and therefore feels like loss / pain. Grief is a blessing. A blessing of loving so greatly that loss hurts for awhile. In time, all grief fades and we share once again in the beauty of that life we loved / love so deeply. That love never fades – it actually grows because it is purer – richer – wholer – more neutral.

You’ve / we’ve reached that stage of growth grief that is so much a fabric of human life on earth. The rotting log knows no such emotion – it is and that is what we are growing towards – but first the illusion of loss and therefore grief.

The grief you hold for Robin now is expanding you and allowing you to heal. If there is no decay / loss how can you be / become if there is no fade to nothing? Nothing is neutral – nothing is healing – nothing is before the seed. You understand the earth and nature so well – it’s cycles include death, decay and rebirth. All that is past is past and you truly loved your friend in the moment – she will not be gone – just nearby in a different (for you) dimension. Soulmates do not part – merely separate on earth for good reason to continue the bonding and wholeness through death and pain. See the rebirth – the light – the tender and gentle energy expanding. Your loss is your perception of her love for you dying / passing with her – it is here forever. No end to love = energy. You need only look to the stars to see her light blue eyes and smile. Do not mourn what is past as loss – it is always with you. You need only access the feelings in your heart.

To be continued. My conversation with God / Spirit / Intuitive Self

ag ~ January 2012

Your wings are ready…

Almost ready to fly

She asked “where are my wings?”
and an angel told her
“We are making them for you.”

And then she was told how –
“One wing is born from your unconditional love and
the other wing is born from your pain.”

Now she waited knowing
that soon she would be ready to soar.

ag ~ 2012

NaHaiWriMo #7


leaf fall
leftover dog treats still
in all my pockets

beached whale
the knowingness that is
simply nature

grief can we really know love without it

winds breath
on each wingbeat the grace
of letting go*

*published Modern Haiku 43.1 winter 2012