Mindful Writing ~ 2014:31 The End

It’s the last day of January, and the last of the mindful writing-small stones for 2014.  I believe I completed thirty out of thirty one.  Wish I could say the same for my to-do list.  I’m making some headway, however the list always seems to morph into so much more.  The other day I finished a tiresome chore and to my horror – it wasn’t on the list!  I had to sqeeze it between two other items, just so I could cross it off.  However doing it that way – backended – never yields quite the same satisfaction.  Something is added before it is removed.  Crossing off then feels like cheating.  I know what you’re thinking and rightly so “Sweetie – time to get a life!”  

Actually there is a thread here.  This challenge is always fun and stretches me beyond what I hope for, even when one hits a slump about midway through.  It’s amazing all that goes on in a day, and to pick up and share one piece of it, is both challenging and enriching.  January is really the best month for daily mindful writing.  Winter offers a time for mindful introspection as well as silent snow days.

On the other hand – February – the shortest month of the year is ideal for the #NaHaiWriMo challenge of writing one haiku or senryu per day.  Same mindfullness with more brevity and a whole lot more editing.  Less words but more work.  It may be the easiest form of poetry to write, but the hardest to write well.

Because this is my last long post, I may as well rant a bit – since when and why are #####hashtagsout?  Hello, who decides this stuff anyway? I was just beginning to get the hang of it and quite honestly – reading the hashtags was just as much or even more fun than reading the post!!!!!



As my close friends know – sometimes I can’t help but amuse myself.

Thank you to all my friends, followers and fellow bloggers for all the alliterative fun this month.  Please stay tuned for less of the same.

ag ~ 2014


Mindful Writing ~ 2014:30


Chinese New Year
I peel my last 
ever so 

new moon
the white rosebuds
never open

to snow dust –
it’s almost the end
of the first

football fever
mom does not want
to make wings

aquarian moon
Pete Seeger 
is remembered

ag ~ 2014:30

Mindful Writing ~ 2014:28

I am reading “Portrait Of An Artist, A Biography of Georgia O’Keefe”.  I came upon the book, a first edition hardcover when I was in an unusual angry mood.  I needed to get out of the studio space I rent in a nearby town, so I took a walk talking to myself.  I naturally fell in step and gravitated toward the library – a stately old stone building with windows that shine like facets of emeralds depending on the light.  The Friends Of The Library committee was holding a fund-raising sale.  I did not want nor expect to purchase any more books – unless that is I found the one book on my extremely short ‘to-read’ list.  Well, let me interject here some information about my process.  I have lovely and dutiful Angels who guide and humor me.  When they really want to get my attention, they hand me something to read.  It’s easier that way.  So when I scrambled off to walk and breathe out my anger instead of holding it inside, they knew that I would semi-consciously head toward the library if not to borrow then just to stand in the silence and scent of books.  Since I was in a slowly dissipating foul mood, I allowed myself to head toward the booksale/fundraiser.  Quietly tucked into overflowing shelves of this mini-library was the only book I would be tempted to buy.  It’s price was raised from the standard of one dollar to three dollars because it was a first edition.  And to my delight –  newspaper articles about Georgia were tucked below the cover printed on the day she died.  Hallelujah – my Angels did it again – they brought out a wide smile and despite my best efforts to remain perturbed – I quickly purchased the book and practically skipped back to the studio.  I was still upset with some occurances there but was consoled (and bribed) by my find.  And to make it sweeter still, I will be visiting Georgia O’Keefe’s beloved New Mexico landscape soon.  Synchronicity always amazes me, and this must tickle my Angels to no end, because of all the imaginative and creative ways they devise to get my attention.  I do believe in Angels and Fairies.  I do believe in and am grateful for their blessings.  The book is wonderful.  Georgia is an incredible spirit and she chose to paint because she could not sing.  ME TOO.

sun and clouds
how often I rely solely
on muscle memory

ag ~ 2014

Mindful Writing ~ 2014:26

My sleep cycle is changing once again. Awake at 3:00 AM and falling asleep at 9:00 PM. Very early morning is great for writing, however by noon I’m ready for a nap. This is going to be one of those lazy Sundays and if not on Sunday – then when?

waning moon
it took all these years
to figure out
Luna’s dark secret
is simply nap time

ag ~ 2014

Mindful Writing ~ 2014:25

Today was a Snow Saturday – my favorite day of the week for a snow day.  It was only about 3-4″ of light powder and perfectly still.  A great excuse to spend daylight hours indoors except for the obligatory dog walks which are a nice break along quiet wooded paths. 

I decided to forgo the binge shopping and storm cooking and took some turkey chili out of the freezer for sustenance.  The rest of the day was slated for painting and play.  As usual I need to warm up before putting paint to paper, so I prepped some canvasses and took some unsuccessful paintings and cut them up.  Only the good parts – which I call “petite vignettes” that are actually successful mini paintings when severed from the mother painting.  Many artists like to do this exercise which serves the dual purpose of saving the piece from being labeled a complete failure and saving the parts that can be used as seed images for future work.  Plus its fun!  The thing that I did differently this time though, was to almost randomly position them to form an abstract arrangement which helped my eye learn more (or less) to edit for a better composition.  Because the color palette is the same, all the parts can flow in an artful grouping. I did more cutting and pasting today than painting, however that was the planned-for-play part of the day.  

So now my small stones are starting to grow into story boulders.  Oh well, we are coming into the last week of January’s mindful writing.  After this its #NaHaiWriMo.  All of February is for writing a daily haiku.  There is a  Facebook page for just this and postings to Twitter.  Stay tuned for more stories in far fewer words.

snow powder
the dog and I track
our muse

ag ~ 2014

Mindful Writing ~ 2014:24

I wonder what a slug feels.  I was going to begin this post with “I feel like a slug today,” but thought better of it, because I do not know how a slug really feels, and I believe it disrespectful to malign an already bullied mollusc.  

So I will begin anew.  I am eliminating sugar and its substitutes from the main part of my diet.  This includes “heart-healthy chocolate” after lunch and dinner and honey in my tea.  I know in my bones that this is healthier for me in the long run, and it is indeed helping to moderate many high and low mood swings.  It feels good to actually put into practice what I only half-heartedly tried in the past.  Until today.  I have not yet capitulated to my body’s memory of sweet tea and chocolate, however I miss these small pleasures that became indulgences that became so addictive.  It’s very cold outside and difficult to keep the heat up inside these old walls at a reasonable level therefore making days like today seem like there is more to do than I can keep up with.  And no chocolate or honeyed chamomile to savor.    

Where am I going with this thread?  Well, I cannot say that I feel like a slug even though I do, I cannot sit with a honeyed cup of tea, and I cannot enjoy a piece of incredibly rich dark velvety chocolate in between all the stuff I have to do.  Feeling sorry for myself – you bet but still choosing not to succumb until the bittersweet longing releases its hold on me.  At that point I can and will enjoy a piece of chocolate for simply the incredibly decadent taste of it.

after school
we linger longer on days
the wind whips 
the chocolate factory fumes
in our direction homeward

ag ~ 2014

Mindful Writing ~ 2014:23

I missed my mindful writing post yesterday.  I sat down to write at the end of the day and came up with “too tired to write, too cold to think,” so I went to bed instead.  Something did not feel right about posting just anything and calling it a small stone.  At the time it was not mindful.  Today however, after a good night’s sleep, it is honest enough to write about.  I am trying to simplify my life and this encourages a great deal of truthful appraisal and re-prioritizing.  Last night I wavered between fulfilling a committment I (happily) made to myself for the sake of the committment itself and staying true to the spirit of the goal.  In hindsight, I’m glad I went to bed.

a rolling stone gathers no moss or rest

ag ~ 2014