Writing My Way Home



For my last small stone writing practice of January 2016, I would like to share a Kyirelle poem that I wrote at my writer’s group. A Kyirelle poem is structured so that all the lines have eight syllables and each stanza of four lines ends in a refrain. There are four stanzas. It takes on a rhythmical form very much like a rhyming couplet. I won’t go into its exact structure – let’s just say that it’s like finishing a puzzle in the form of a poem. Writing a Kyirelle poem was given as an optional prompt or writing exercise, and while I often ignore these, I jumped on it and finished it with a flourish. This poem almost wrote itself, and I was the scribe. Since its theme centers on this month’s blogging, I am sharing it here:


Writing My Way Home  – A Kyirelle

As a mindful writing practice,
I blog daily on that and this.
It is called sharing a small stone,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

January lobs with a cold moon,
And winter scenes of snow monsoons.
My muse inspires an artful tone,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

Tales of grit, grace and gratitude,
Shape its forum and latitude.
With tears of laughter, grief and groans,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

Presence is my daily prayer.
Growth is awareness being here.
To this end I write my way home,
A spoonful of prose and a poem.

c   Andrea Grillo ~ 2016


Kettledrum roll please…

It begins with a soft tap
almost a twitch
ever so slowly
the percussion picks up
lightly rolling 
into a steady beat…  …  …  …  …

sounds and resounds
joined by the hiss and tingle
of a tambourine oscillating
and announcing the crescendo 
kettledrum roll —

as the old house pipes
clamor ’til horse
and lazily collapse
into the sound 
of a warm pillow.

ag ~ 2013

Angry Grace ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #31

Angry Grace

How can that be your name?
Isn’t that an oxymoron?
Angry Grace hears that a lot.
It’s the one thing that does not make her angry

Angry Grace took a lifetime
to recognize her own value.
She was so afraid of her power
that she willingly sacrificed herself 
to Depression and got ulcers.

Depression used Anger
without Grace to bully her.
Anger without Grace 
turned in on herself
and buried her self-worth.

She lost the ability to see clearly
and unemotionally her role as a friend.
It took Pain, another buddy with an identity problem
to acknowledge that even though
Angry Grace is not pretty or popular
she partners with Truth.

And everyone claims to love Truth.
Angry Grace covers for Truth.
Truth is able to show his vulnerable side
through her.
Truth is simple and modest
Angry Grace is not.

She comes in flashes.
She comes in cycles.
She comes through wounds.
She comes through love.
She is hot and cold at the same time.
It’s no wonder that Angry Grace is a hard beauty
to appreciate.

ag ~ 2013

Going With the Flow ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #25

Yesterday morning I planned an early start to cleaning and clearing clutter. Until a phone call came in from a friend who called me intuitively just as I had been thinking of her and conversing with her in my head as I am want to do. Followed by an email from a new friend who touches my heart, and so I sat down and wrote back to her while I had a cup of tea. Afterward, I felt a pull to connect and call another friend who was experiencing grief and heartache. I left a message for her. Next was a call to another friend to see how she was faring through some recent trauma and after-the-flu news. By the time I was finished with this last call, it was lunch time and after feeding and walking the dog, I ate. At last, I squeezed in vacuuming and cleaning one bathroom before I got out to do an errand and later in the afternoon meet another friend for coffee and quiche. Our conversation flowed for over two hours into darkening dusk and light snow. By that time, I treated myself to take-out vegan Asian food and finished the evening reading. A day committed to sweet conversation and connecting with creative and sensitive women committed to giving life all their best. I’m so glad I gave into the urge to call and connect. Actually, these conversations went along much further to clearing the clutter than moving around boxes of stuff that will patiently wait for a more convenient time.

Frost Forest ~ Mindful Writing Challege #23




















I have been taking photos of the landscape lately in order to paint scenes in acrylics and pastels.  The study of light and shadow, color and value is what makes a painted piece appealing whether or not it is realistic, impressionistic or abstract.  I tend toward impressionism and abstraction, but have humbly learned that I need to “learn the rules in order to break the rules” in order to paint an abstract naturescape with fullness and beauty.  Therefore, any chance I get to take photo studies helps me toward this goal.  When I awoke this morning and saw these frost scenes etched on my window – I was amazed once again at nature’s creative hand.  These etchings depict real forest woodlands in friezes on my window.  Nature took and developed the photos for me and placed them where I would not miss seeing them!  Who could ask for more?  Spirit is gently egging me on and lending opportunities to notice, observe more closely and  enjoy her beauty in all forms.  I love these and will share my depiction of them, hopefully in the near future.