October Moon (again)

ochre and rust October leaves me longing for more


green tomatoes in a dream so uncertain


October moon
somehow you always catch me
heart in hand


ag ~ late October 2015

photo IMG_3572 IMG_9267




January 27…

I love the color indigo and any title or name that includes it. There is something deliciously dark and soulful about this deepest of blues. It’s the sky between stars, next to the last color in the rainbow and resonates to the sound of a bass. It leads me into a creative cave, and I don’t know why.

blue again for no reason other than a sweep of sky


ag ~ 2015



January 26…

Hang in there. Fall in love. Saw this on my Tumblr feed which I rarely check anymore but thought it curious. There’s a blizzard raging here on the east coast, and while I agree with the “hang in there” advice, I got a little lost with the “fall in love” part. Then I remembered that it’s about falling in love with wonder. Here now, it’s the wonder of nature despite any inconvenience. The silence and beauty of snow falling never fails to inspire me, and I hope I never outgrow this sense of innocence and playfulness. Silliness too – as I am well stocked up on the usual storm non-essentials – popcorn, wine, peanut-butter cookies…

blizzard baking at midnight begins a sense of awe


ag ~ 2015