Eyebrow Envy

post Frida Kahlo show–
I pluck the gray
from my brows


inspiration and envy
my inner artist twins
split hairs


fast forward Frida in today’s world darling and daring or distorted?


Frida Kahlo–About That Unibrow

Found Poetry from: A Public Persona That Still Enthralls by Rebecca Kleinman;                 New York Times, Sunday, February 3, 2019

Frida Kahlo: About That Unibrow

Frida Kahlo’s image
on a par with Cleopatra
cultivated a statement.

A statement unibrow
the body as canvas
drew focus to her face.

Her passion
and a sense of wonder turned
pain and corsets into art.

Often portrayed as a victim,
broken and fragile
she was strong and accomplished.

Comfortable with cross-dressing
in dungarees and a cigarette she
re-established her independence.

like a natty chap in
“Self-Portrait With Cropped Hair”
she had relationships with women.

A mastermind, Kahlo delivered
red-carpet moments and referred
to herself as the great concealer.