He Walked His words

RIP Father Daniel J. Berrigan

I just read about his passing on the front page of The New York Times Sunday paper. It brings back a lot of old rather painful yet poetic times of protesting the Vietnam war and injustice altogether.

He was one of the leaders in the movement for change back in the day. That he and his brother Philip were clergymen did not matter, except to keep alive the hope that there were still some souls in the Catholic church hierarchy who responded to their core values.

He was jailed, dismissed by peers and loved by many. He was his own man to the end.

an icon of the 60’s protests
a priest with a poet’s soul
a visionary with integrity
fallible with feet of clay
he walked his words





October musings…

a belly button moon
crescents the sky

crescent moon
the quiet footsteps
of a welcomed guest

taste of a radish
that remembers
the land

upside down
the treetop
in a dewdrop

after our goodbye
the distant murmur
of katydids

ag ~ 2012