Tea and Koi

such tiny cups and yet tea flakes fan the koi


rose hips, loganberries and dates
he blends and pours the tea
just for us

we sit to tea to chat to wood and water




As The Cock Crows ~ NaHaiWriMo: 2017

February 1st starts #NaHaiWriMo, short for National Haiku Writers Month, and the practice of writing a daily haiku. Posting is optional. I’ve participated in this poetry challenge for quite a few years. There is some overlap between January’s mindful writing and February’s writing haiku, because haiku (a short nature poem) and its sister-form senryu (a short human nature poem), when done well address the personal, political and universal. In January, I start flexing my brain’s writing muscles to prepare for February. The difference in the two months writing is that the haiku takes center stage in February, and the prose piece/essay is the jewel in January. It has been said, mostly by haijin (haiku writers), that haiku is the easiest form of poetry to write, but the hardest to write well. I will leave it at that. FYI – contemporary haiku are no longer written in the 5/7/5 syllable count like traditional haiku, unless it is the preferred choice or noted as such. I usually do not adhere to a specific syllable count and often write haiku in one line – referred to as monoku.


Year of the Fire Rooster
all the cock-a-doodle-do
and don’ts


stay tuned…
As The Cock Crows
a new Twitter soap opera


Fire Rooster Year
the rhetoric of bans trumps
building bridges