“Just a coating to an inch” they said…

Homemade cookies on a holiday platter. Sparkling wine glasses and lint-free furniture. Manicotti and meatballs baking in the oven…

Fresh snow.   ‘         ‘       ‘     ‘   ‘ ‘   ‘    ‘ ‘ ‘   ”’ ”’ ” ” ””””’  ””””””””””””’   ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

reunion party cancelled
Prosecco and meatballs
to toast the new year

©  ag ~ 2017


Almost Forsythia

almost forsythia a little rain a little snow


imagine simmering pots of fragrant words


cabbage and beans
a garden celebration
of rustic stars


letting go letting g letting lettin lett let

Softly Quiet

The Solstice, The Hawk, The Fox and Snow

The Solstice
sun takes her longest time to rise
above the horizon and awaken – 
watch how slowly she stretches
as the tree tops blush
icycles melt and drip
the sound of light loosening.

The hawk
aware of shortened daylight
circles lower and longer
spying and snatching her prey
with quick precision
before darkening sky
and dimming sunset.

The fox too
usually able to blend
into leaf duff and forest floor
hurries now with snow cover
and vivid tracks to muzzle
under the crust for mice and moles
also scampering in snow light.

The snow 
glistens on pine and fir and ground
criss-crossed by violet-blue shadows
of pencil-thin branches
and barrels of tree trunks
softly quiet yet breathing life
yielding only to the winter sun.

The Cold Solstice
beckons to the sun
entices her undressing
out of her sheer lace nightgown
for a rendevous in the far north sky
where for one short day
her naked beauty is revealed.


December 21, 2013