June Bugs

June bugs or Sunburst beetles emerge in great numbers in June and chew holes in the giant leaves of sunflowers and make wayward flights into human territory. They are also a beautiful glossy/iridescent green/gold. Just a little entomology to introduce another short-lived but beloved early summer favorite – June haiku:


wild blackberries

so like my curls

dark and sweet


all my poems

suddenly adrift

this June night


the swishing wind

carries your name

rain falling


orange blossom honey

the sweetness

of yielding


I’d rather fall in love

than write poems

the june moon











January 11…

Another arctic air blast cruising through. Golden sunflowers in a vase cheerily contradict the 14 degrees just outside. A shoe salesman, Danny, does the same with his upbeat, friendly banter and easy smile, while I shop for waterproof and warm shoe-boots (water shoots?). Happily, this is all it takes these days for a daily sense of discovery and grace along with a smattering of sunshine to keep the blues away.

my mittens recuperate on the radiator handfuls of aubergine

ag ~ 2015

Dying Grace

Dying Grace

she lies on her daybed
with windows wide open
grateful to and for
the field flowers
sitting in a vase
on a nearby table
smiling in the sunlight

her room is sunny
and butterscotch warm
walled with her life creations
airy, calm and casual
with the business
of dying:
surrendering to the moment

sometimes just
breathing or giving thanks
napping on and off
she sheds tears with parting friends
strokes the purring cat
and welcomes death alongside
her best friend and cohort ~ living grace

ag ~ 2012

Summer Grace

Summer Grace

visits every garden
that grows basil and tomatoes
and licks her fingers
after dipping into hives
of wildflower honey
rose petals cling to her hips
and fireflies hitch onto her eyelashes

summer grace perspires freely
her lips are stained
with blackberry wine
and her cheeks flush cherry and peach
she grazes on cobs of sun buttered corn
while sprigs of fresh mint grow
around her ankles and toes

squalls and thundershowers
come and go
around her outstretched arms
as grassy meadows reach for the sky
all sunflowers turn their heads
in the presence
of summer grace