The Heart of Winter

polar vortex in the news
I browse novels
set in the tropics


snow dust on the hood of the car cat tracks


kitchen warmth
I trade in December’s red
for February roses



On Couches

couch cruising
old bookmarks--
a casual narrative
of past pleasures.


Martini Metaphors

Found Poem from The New York Times Book Review; Sunday, November 18, 2018

New York Ladies: PARKER, Selected Stories By Dorothy Parker.
Reviewed by Sadie Stein 

Two New York broads of urban legend
known as martini metaphors, too often 

reduced to a quip on a coffee mug;
chroniclers of contemporary New York

flapper highs and breadline lows.
Downtown speakeasies rocked by 

a hard-boiled world and legendary
cabaret shows. They struggled with 

alcoholism pairing whiskey tenors and
yearning hearts. Always lurking in female 

characters—justice, sympathy and
poignancy. Take it gladly—straight up. 


A New Pair of Boots

There’s always an upside to what is perceived to be a major downer. We are waiting the arrival of a storm that potentially may turn into a nasty snow/rain/sleet/ice event–all in all– a disruption from our regular routines and sometimes special events. “Harper” may very well pass us by or turn mostly into a rain storm just a few miles south of here. In any case, I am at the ready with a new pair of boots called “Ice Grippers.” They have retractable cleats built into the soles that can be flipped into action with a special red key made for this purpose only. It is a creative and brilliant alternative to having to stretch tight rubber cleats onto a another pair of shoes or boots or whatever and save one from swearing while attempting to keep fingers intact and wiggle into the cleated shoes that are now a half-size smaller. Ice Grippers are warm boots and cleats all in one package. No more carrying an extra pair of rubbers or shoes to change into on non-icy indoor surfaces. These boots are Canadian designed and manufactured in Europe, and I am happy to put them into action. The only problem may be in not losing or forgetting the key to open and close them.


one fix gives way to another pickle yet to be determined


Hospital Review

one elder nurse to a younger one–
I always drank
out of hoses,
and I still look good


pre surgery therapy:
light massage touch
and gossip


soothing nature scenes on the monitor lower blood pressure readings


crescent necklace under the surgeon’s scrubs her bare hands


post surgery pain relief:
homemade chocolate chip cookies
instead of Percocet